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We offer services throughout Switzerland. Our comprehensive itineraries include ground transportation, accommodation, expert local guides, extraordinary experiences, and any special items that will complete your dream trip. These private itineraries are priced per person and are created to fit your desires and interests in terms of duration, destinations, travel schedule and specific requests.
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We've included some general information and frequently asked questions about traveling to Switzerland below. In addition, we keep an active social life on Facebook (@ciutravel), Instagram (@negroniandspritz), and Twitter (@ciutravel).


Switzerland offers a wide array of accommodation in the cities, mountains, and lakeside towns. From world-class luxury hotels with impeccable service to small family run properties, we seek out the best accommodations to suit your style and budget. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a lovely accommodation in this land of enthusiastic hospitality.

HOTELS - What to Expect

Thirty years ago, the Swiss invented the star system that is now in use worldwide. Not surprisingly, the system is applied with characteristically Swiss rigor and the distinctions between the 4 and 5 star accommodations that we suggest for our travelers are clear and generally consistent. That said, without knowing the locale in advance, or visiting the property in person, it can be difficult to know what will work best for you.

That’s where we come in. We devote time to visiting hotels and can suggest what is a great value, worth a splurge, or to be avoided. Of course everyone is different, and we will guide you to the right choice based on what you tell us is important for your trip.


Getting to Switzerland is easy. Flights from the U.S. are available on a number of airlines servicing Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Bern. Swiss is the national carrier and in our experience, is consistently excellent in terms of in-flight service, equipment and baggage delivery.

With direct trains to Switzerland from Paris, Milan, Hamburg and Amsterdam, you can also easily combine a Swiss trip with a visit to another European country.


The Swiss Travel System is well known for operating the world's densest transportation network, with roughly 29,000 kilometers (a little over 18,000 miles) worth of public transportation infrastructure. Trains run with the precision of the country's famous clocks and watches, a remarkable feat of ingenuity in a mountainous nation. In addition to being highly reliable, the Swiss Federal Railways (German acronym: SBB; French acronym: CFF; Italian acronym: FFS) also operates several scenic routes.


Purchasing a train pass in Switzerland is one of the best deals around, and it provides perks beyond unlimited travel for a set number of days. Chief among these benefits is free entry into most Swiss museums.

In addition to the benefits of a national train pass, most hotels provide you with a local pass as well for buses and trains. Those will also get you into area museums for free.

We can create a custom itinerary that takes full advantage of Switzerland's vast travel network, moving you through the country by train, boat, and private transportation. Panoramic routes through the countryside, lakes and mountains will make each leg of your journey the trip of a lifetime.


Switzerland has incredible cultural, culinary, and natural landscapes to explore. From the opera and concert seasons in major centers of the arts like Zürich and Luzern, to cheese and chocolate tasting in Vaud, wine tasting in Ticino, and the natural wonders like the Matterhorn and the Berner Oberland, Switzerland offers visitors a variety of experiences to explore.


Switzerland is the undisputed home of outdoor winter fun - downhill and cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tobogganing and winter hiking. A number of mountain locations in Switzerland are snow secure for December ski vacations and make for great holiday escapes.

Swiss cities are also lovely in winter - in addition to a wealth of cultural and culinary experiences, charming holiday markets make for a lively scene.

From cities to ski towns to remote mountain resorts, there really is something for everyone.


Switzerland is easy to enjoy in the summer - its rivers, lakes and mountains offering breathtaking landscapes and a spectacular summer playground for sports and nature enthusiasts. Swiss cities, each with their own distinctive cultural offerings year round, come alive with summer music, art, culinary and film festivals.